b'2 adult programs(18 and up)80Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicated 9st 1Eon ommissicAttracting and Feeding Birds inNatural Holiday Wreaths Your YardLearn how to collect local evergreens and use them to Participants will learn what types of bird feeders are best forcreate simple holiday wreaths.Enjoy the fragrance of fresh attracting specific bird species as well as feeder placementgreens and the company of others while you sip cider and and foods that attract various birds. Questions such aslisten to festive music. Materials, tools and instructions When should I feed birds? What bird seeds work best towill be provided to complete a wreath for your home. attract a variety of birds? Should I feed birds year-round?Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at What about feeding hummingbirds?, will be answered.541.488.6606. (Early registration is advised.)Bird feeders will be displayed to help participants haveWHO: Beginner to intermediate wreath-makers welcomea broader understanding of feeder types. Bird species common to our area visiting feeders in the fall, winter andWHAT: Learn to make your own holiday wreath, greenery spring will be discussed. Bring a pen or pencil for note taking.providedRegister at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606. INSTRUCTOR: Nature Center StaffWHO: Anyone who has had the curiosity to feed birds inAGES9 & uptheir yard but did not know what feeder(s) to buy, what toDAYFriday OR Saturdayfeed birds and when to feed them DATE Dec 13 OR 14 (Two classes offered)WHAT: Recognize birds visiting bird feeders and enjoy theTIME 1-3 pmbenefits of attracting and feeding birds in your yard PLACENorth Mountain Park PavilionCOST$20 per class, includes all materialsINSTRUCTOR: Vince Zauskey has conducted bird surveys, led bird walks and taught classes at N Mountain Park since 1999.AGES18 and up ART & CULTUREDAYWednesdayDATENov 6TIME6:30-8 pmPLACENorth Mountain Park Oaks - Culturally Important COST$15 Yesterday and TodayOak trees produce more than acorns.Enjoy a brief history of oak trees throughout the world and create hands-on crafts, inspired by this majestic tree.All materials provided. Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at Project FeederWatch541.488.6606.Help count birds that visit the feeders at North MountainWHO: Parents and kids interested in oaksPark, while learning to identify species with expert birders. The information collected will be submitted to CornellWHAT: Learn about oaks and make something inspired by Universitys FeederWatch project, a nationwide citizen- the majestic, multipurpose oakscience bird monitoring effort. Pre-registration is not required for this free program.INSTRUCTOR: Kristi Reynolds has over 15 years experience teaching about the natural world, but her experience WHO: All-level birders can learn about local birds andstarted much earlier, growing up in the national parks of mingle with other birders under a covered pavilion Utah and Colorado. In 2012, Kristi earned her Masters in Environmental Education. Today, she enjoys blending WHAT: An annual survey of birds that visit feeders in winter aspects of the natural world with cultural history and crafting.AGES10 & upDAYAlternate Saturdays AGESAll ages (with adult)DATE Nov 9, 23 & Dec 7, 21DAYThursday(and continuing through March 2020) DATE Oct 17TIME 9-10 am TIME 6-7:30 pmPLACENMP Pavilion PLACENMP Nature CenterCOSTFREE, pre-registration is not required COST$8AshlandParksandRec.org | Instagram or Facebook @AshlandParksandRec | ParksInfo@ashland.or.us 5'