Going Nuts for Oaks - Ethnobotany and Cuisine of the Mighty Acorn This culinary adventure into the world of oaks and acorn food will allow students to eat their way into a deeper connection within the oak web of life. A presentation on oakecologyandethnobotanywillbefollowedbyahands-on playshop to handcraft our own acorn flour. Our efforts will be rewarded with a tasting of yummy acorn cake. Students will learn how to identify local oaks, understand the rich ecology of oaklands, learn how oaks are woven into world stories and myths and get inspired by cool recipes using acorns.Participantsshouldbringwaterandapenandpaper ifdesired.Pleaseregisteronlineatashland.or.us/registerorcall the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. AGES 8 & up. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult DAY Sunday DATE Oct 8 TIME 10am-1pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $20 INSTRUCTOR Jolie Egert Elan is an Ethnobotanist with an M.S. in Natural Resources. She has helped thousands of people deepen their connection to nature. Wildlife Rehabilitation: Keeping Wild Birds Wild This presentation will feature photos and stories about the birdsatseveralrehabilitationcentersinourarea.Learnabout the people who are committed to bird rehabilitation and to the process and work involved in the rescue of birds who are orphaned,injuredorsick,withtheanimalseventuallyreturned tothewildworldofnature.Participantswillmeetambassador birds: those birds who were unable to return to the wild and now are used to educate the public about this work. Please register online at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. AGES 8 & up DAY Thursday DATE Oct 12 TIME 6:30-8pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $15 INSTRUCTOR Shannon Rio is a wildlife educator and president of the board of the Klamath Bird Observatory. Planning for Nature Play - Community Meeting We’re planning an exciting new Natural Playground at North MountainPark. Pleasejoinusforaninformationalmeetingto learnhowNaturePlaycanenrichourcommunityandtheways well-designedoutdoorspacescanfacilitatechildren’sphysical andemotionaldevelopment.Weareseekingcommunityinput onthisprojectandyoursupportwillbeinstrumentalinputting aplanintoaction.Joinustolearnmoreandshareyouropinions and ideas. Please register online at ashland.or.us/register or call theNatureCenterat541-488-6606.—Formoreinformationon Nature Playgrounds, please p. 24. AGES Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult DAY Wednesday DATE Oct 18 TIME 6:30-8pm PLACE The Grove, 1195 E Main St, Ashland COST Free HOST Libby VanWyhe is the Nature Center Manager at North Mountain Park. APRC Fall 2017 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 40 nature, science & culture commis s i o n E s t 1 9 0 8 Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicated