b'love your water week 14809 Est 1mmissioncoAshlands Water: Where Does ItTour of Ashlands Water Treatment Come From and Where Does It Go? Plant and Reeder ReservoirDo you know where the City of Ashlands water supplyJoin us for a tour of Ashlands Drinking Water Treatment comes from? How about where the water goes after it leavesPlant and Reeder Reservoir. You will learn about the your home? This class will review the Citys water supply,treatment process and see where the City of Ashland how its treated for use and how its distributed throughoutgets its drinking water. You will, Love your Water, even town. We will also discuss where your water goes after itmore after you visit this beautiful area within the Ashland goes down the drain and the treatment process it must goWatershed.Bring a pen a paper for notes as well as a water through before the being discharged back into the creek.bottle.The tour will be mostly outside, so please dress City of Ashland water programs and rebates will also beaccordingly.Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the discussed. Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the NatureNature Center at 541.488.6606.Center at 541.488.6606.WHO: Adults and kids 12 & up WHO: Adults and kids 12 and upWHAT: Get insight into Ashlands water system and howWHAT: Get insight into Ashlands water system and where residents can benefit from Ashlands water programs andyour water comes fromrebates INSTRUCTORS: Greg Hunter is the Water Treatment Plant INSTRUCTORS: Julie Smitherman is the Water ConservationSupervisor and Julie Smitherman is the Water Conservation Specialist and Ciara Marshall is a Water ResourceSpecialist for the City of Ashland.Technician for the City of Ashland.AGES12 & upDAYTuesdayDATEOct 22TIME5:30-7 pmPLACENMP Nature CenterCOSTFREEIntroduction to the Laundry to Landscape Greywater SystemLearn the basics of how to design and install a permitted, Laundry to Landscape, greywater system for use in your perennial garden. This will be a 2-hour introduction on how to design a L2L greywater system, the basics youll need to install it yourself and the DEQ permit process for any home system. Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.WHO: Homeowners who want to reuse laundry water for landscape irrigationWHAT: Learn to use water more sustainably by reusing greywater to irrigate landscape plantsINSTRUCTOR: Karen B. Taylor is a former partner at Eden on Earth Ecological Landscaping, specializing in rainwater and greywater design and installation. She is currently a Permaculture Designer, educator and consultant withAGES12 & up (with adult)Siskiyou Permaculture. DAYWednesdayAGES18 & up DATEOct 23DAYWednesday TIME1-3 pmDATEOct 23 PLACEMeet at the Butler Bandshell in Lithia TIME6-8 pm Park to carpool to the water treatment PLACENMP Nature Center plantCOSTFREE COSTFREE40 APRC Fall 2019 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland'