Photo courtesy APRC Volunteer Bob Palermini APRC Fall 2017 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland Since the adoption of the Ashland City Charter in 1908, the primary goal of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) has been to build and maintain parks. Since then, APRC has developed 200 acres of land and 17 parks while also preserving 550 acres of open space. A community hub of the Ashland Parks System is Garfield Park located at Garfield and East Main streets, near The Grove Recreation Center. The park has the distinction of being a local favorite for Ashlanders. Most days you will find our citizens using the facilities to play sand volleyball or basketball, throw a Frisbee, enjoy a game of pickup football, picnic with family and friends or simply take in the sun on the large lawn. During the hotter months of the year you will find dozens of children and their guardians watching over them as they play in the upgraded splash pad and playground areas. The park, originally built in 1992 over the former site of the Lithia Mill, cost about $200,000. After 25 years of heavy use, the current Commissioners, APRC staff and the public chose to support upgrades toward making Garfield Park a complete community venue based on a great deal of forward- looking vision. I am honored to announce that the new Garfield Park Master Plan has been implemented and the new park amenities are being enjoyed by many. Fresh features include a new basketball court surface and standards, two new picnic shelters, a new sand volleyball court with a new enclosure and standards, a new shelter to support the Cascade-Siskiyou Scenic Bikeway and a new splash pad. The most popular improvement has undoubtedly been the new and expanded splash pad. With nearly twice the square-footage and double the amenities, the splash pad has quickly become a favored feature. We are also excited about the sheltered seating around the splash pad and a hard- surfaced area from which families and friends can observe the playground and water feature. The total cost of the 2017 park improvement project was $850,000, funded by Food and Beverage Tax revenues accumulated over multiple years. We are excited to offer this “new and improved” public park and hope to see you taking advantage of your community venue over many years to come! Michael A. Black, AICP Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission Director director’s message