APRC Fall 2017 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 33 A Trail Master Plan (TMP) Committee was formed in December 2003 at the suggestion of the Ashland Woodlands and Trails Association (AWTA) and with recognition from Ashland City Council. AWTA had pointed out that a TMP was the missing component in the City’s Open Space Plan, adopted by Council in 2002, and the Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission agreed. Through the coordinated efforts of Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission (APRC) staff and seven voting members over a three-year period, a TMP document was created and approved by the Commission, then adopted by Council. At the time of its approval and adoption in 2006, a ten-year review was recommended. In January 2017, a Trail Master Plan Update Committee was formed with the help of APRC staff. The Committee is comprised of seven voting members: two Parks Commissioners, two AWTA members and three members-at-large. More info at ashland.or.us/TMP Briscoe GeoloGy Park Take a walk through time at the Briscoe Geology Park! Discover local geology and how life and earth have changed over time. The park’s existence is due to the vision, expertise and dedication of local geologist Len Eisenberg. Teachers can take their students on a fieldtrip to Briscoe Geology Park! Contact North Mountain Park for more information, 541.488.6606 or parksinfo@ashland.or.us. Briscoe Geology Park is located at the site of the old Briscoe Elementary School at the corner of North Main and Laurel Streets — More at ashland.or.us/BriscoeGeology get to know your parks Trail MasTer Plan UPdaTe