b'adult programs(18 and up) 28019 Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicatedEstionmisscomLIFE SKILLS Spanish for Beginners This class is designed for those interested in learning Beginning French Spanish in depth. Students are required to purchase the In this highly interactive French class for true beginnerstextbook called Practical Spanish Grammar by Marcial (or those who had French a long time ago), you will learn toPrado.have meaningful conversations in French through a varietyWHO: Anyone interested in traveling to Latin America or of fun, stress-free activities that will develop vocabularySpainand language skills.WHO: Someone who wants to learn to speak French, orWHAT: Participant will be able to develop or continue basic someone who studied it a long time ago and wants toSpanish conversation skillsstart again INSTRUCTOR: Monica RountreeWHAT: Participants will be able to have a conversation inAGES16 & upFrench, state information and give description about suchDAYThursdaysthings as yourself, your likes and dislikes, your family andDATEOct 3Dec 5 (no class Nov 28)much more TIME56 pmINSTRUCTOR: Lauren Schaffer PLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson RoomCOST$100 (9 classes)AGES18 & up Continuing classes are designed for students who have DAYTuesdayscompleted beginning language courses or received DATEOct 1Dec 3 (no class Nov 26) approval from the instructor to join. All classes are held TIME6-7 pm at The Grove. Students register directly with the instructor.PLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson RoomCOST$100 (9 classes) Continuing FrenchFrench: Contact Lauren Schaffer via email atItalian for Beginnerslaurenbethschaffer@gmail.comThis class is designed for those interested in learning ItalianTue | Intermediate French in depth. Students are required to purchase the textbookOct 1-Dec 3 (no class Nov 26) | 5-6 pmcalled Italian: A Self-Teaching Guide, by Edoardo A. Lebano. Tue | Advanced Intermediate French Oct 1-Dec 3 (no class Nov 26) | 4-5 pmWHO: Someone planning a trip to Italy or wanting to learnTue | Advanced French Italian Oct 1-Dec 3 (no class Nov 26) | 3-4 pmWHAT: Participants will have a better appreciation of Italian language and culture Continuing Italian & Spanish Classes INSTRUCTOR: Monica RountreeItalian & Spanish: Contact Monica Rountree via email at AGES16 & up monicarountree@hotmail.comDAYWednesdaysDATEOct 2Dec 4 (no class Nov 27) Wed | Intermediate Italian TIME5-6 pm Oct 2-Dec 4 (no class Nov 27) | 6:05-7:05 pmPLACEThe Grove | Otte-Peterson Room Wed | Advanced Italian COST$100 (9 classes) Oct 2-Dec 4 (no class Nov 27) | 7:10-8:10 pmThu | Intermediate SpanishRegister Today! Oct 3-Dec 5 (no class Nov 28) | 6:05-7:05 pmThu | Advanced Spanish Oct 3-Dec 5 (no class Nov 28) | 7:10-8:10 pm16 APRC Fall 2019 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland'