b'2 adult programs(18 and up)80Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicated 9 Est 1onmmissicoFor friendly, healthy dogs that are safe on a leash. Classes are taught by Colleen Shanahan.Good Dog SkillsRegister Today!Imagine a polite pooch you can take anywhere that doesnt bark, jump on people or pull on the leash. You can do it! Come and learn the basics to a well behaved dog: No jumping, stay, settle, come, leave it and nice leash walking. Learn how these basic skills will teach your dog to be polite in any situation. More Dog Gone Fun Classes Join like-minded people for ongoing adventures WHO: Adults 18 and older with dogs older than 5 months in play and training. WHAT: Owners and dogs will learn positive ways to train for Participants will sign up with instructor SETTLE, STAY, COME, LEAVE IT, leash walking, no jumping, at doggonefun.biz or by calling 541.601.7601. no counter surfing and moreAGES Dog ages: 5 mos & up | Owner: 18 & upDAY SundayDATE Session 1: Sep 15-Oct 13 Small Dog Social Club Session 2: Oct 27-Nov 24 This is a club for friendly dogs under 20 lbs.TIME 12:15-1:15 pm AGESOwner: 18 & upPLACE The Grove | Gym DAY SundayCOST $99 (5 classes) DATE Session 1: Sep 15-Oct 13Good Puppy Skills Session 2: Oct 27Nov 24TIME 1:30-2:15 pmPuppies will not only learn invaluable social skills, they willCOST $30 (5 classes)also learn: Sit, Down, Stay, Come and Leash Walking. There will also be time set aside each week to answer questions about house training, chewing, barking and more! PleaseGood Citizen Caninebring shot records to the first class. Join us as we prepare our dogs for the Canine Good Citizen WHO: Adults 18 and older with puppies age 8-20 weeks, test! Prerequisite: Good Dog Skills or permission. who have started their shots WHO: Human and their dog who would like to prepare for WHAT: Puppies and owners will learn SIT, DOWN, STAY, the CGC test and Therapy dog testCOME, leash walking and more WHAT: Learn the 10 essentials to a well-behaved dog at home and in publicAGES 18 & upDAY SundayDATE Sep 15Oct 13TIME 2:303:30 pmPLACE The Grove | GymCOST $99 (5 classes)Teen Puppy SkillsBring in your hooligan teen puppy age 5-8 months (older with permission) for fun manners training!AGES Dog ages: 2-5 months | Owner: 18 & up AGES Owner: 18 & upDAY Sunday DAY SundayDATE Session 1: Sep 15Oct 13 DATE Oct 27Nov 24 Session 2: Oct 27Nov 24 TIME 2:303:30 pmTIME 11 am-Noon COST $99 (5 classes)PLACE The Grove | GymCOST $99 (5 classes)AshlandParksandRec.org | Instagram or Facebook @AshlandParksandRec | ParksInfo@ashland.or.us 13'