b'useful info15 16 registration formFun, its in our Natu re!A premier collective marketplace local goods from local people InstructionsAPRC ResourcesOver 160 Vendors See p 2 for registration schedule, options and refund policy 1670 Ashland St., AshlandApps (web based applications, ashland.or.us/WebApps) (across from Wendys) See p 44 for complete instructionsPark & Trail Finder 541-708-0577 Pre-registration is required for all activities except where notedHistorical Sites & Features of Lithia ParkMon. - Fri. 11-6Activities are filled according to registration dateRegister earlyHelp us avoid the cancellation of programsLithia Park Trail Guide (Natural History) Sat. 11-5 Sun. 11-5 Mail or bring your completed Registration Form with payment to: APRC (Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission) Ashland Community Garden .541.488.6606 Accepting quality furniture at the lowestat The Grove, 1195 E Main St, Ashland, OR 97520ashland.or.us/CommunityGardensconsignment rates in town! Call us!Ashland Parks Commission .541.488.5340ashland.or.us/ParksCommissionDate of Birth ________________Ashland Parks Foundation541.552.2256AshlandParksFoundation.comCommunity ResourcesParticipants Name ________________________________________________________________________ M F(mmddyyyy)Ashland Rotary Centennial Ice Rink (NovFeb) Ashland Chamber of Commerce 541.482.3486 Jackson County Animal Control .541.774.6654 Parents/Guardians Name (if under 18) _________________________________________________________________________________ashland.or.us/IceRink .541.488.9189 Ashland Garden Club . Jackson County Parks 541.774.8183Ashland Senior Services .541.488.5342 ashlandorgardenclub.org Jackson Wellsprings.541.482.3776 Residential Address ____________________________________________________________________________________________________AshlandSeniorServices.orgAshland Family YMCA 541.482.9622Daniel Meyer Memorial Pool (JuneLabor Day) Mt. 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Ashland Snow Report 541.482.2754 City ________________________________________________________ State _________________________Zip ________________________General .541.488.5340 Ashland Library541.482.5715 OLLI(Osher Lifelong Learning Institute) 541.552.6048 AshlandParksandRec.org Ashland Little League 541.488.1421 Oregon Dept of Fish & Wildlife .541.826.8774 Phone Numbers:Home___________________________________ Work ________________________ Cell ________________________ParksInfo@ashland.or.us ashlandoregonlittleleague.org Oregon Shakespeare Festival 541.482.2111N Mountain Park Nature Center .541.488.6606 Ashland Police Department .541.482.5211 Road Conditions 800.977.6368 E-Mail Address________________________________________________________________________________________________________NorthMountainPark.orgAshland Fire & Rescue .541.488.2770 Rogue Rock Gym .541.245.2665 Your email address is only used to provide you with instant confirmation and a printable receiptOak Knoll Golf Course .541.482.4311 Ashland Tennis & Fitness Club .541.482.4073 ScienceWorks Museum 541.482.6767OakKnollGolf.orgAshland Soccer Club 541.488.3406 Emergency Contact Name ________________________________________________________________ Phone ________________________Facility Rentals .541.488.5340 ashlandsoccer.com SOU Community Education .541.552.6331ashland.or.us/Facility Bear Creek Greenway 541.774.6231 Talent Maker City.541.897.4477 Activity/Session/DatesAmountWeddings in Lithia Park.541.488.5340 Bellview Grange #759541.482.6692 Wildlife Images 541.476.0222ashland.or.us/Weddings Emigrant Lake Waterslides 541.774.6324 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________$ _______________ _______________________________________________________________________________________________________$ _______________How to Register Online ashland.or.us/RegisterCash_______________Make checks payable to: APRC Check#_____________ Total $ _______________Online registration is quick, easy, convenient, and available 24/7.4.Choose An Activity For Enrollment Credit Card Number____________________________________________________________________(circle one)VISA M/C AMEX See instantly how many spaces are still available for each activity a. In the A CtivityD etAiLscreen, click on A DD tom yC Artin the bluePay with VISA, MasterCard, or American Express banner under the activity description or at the bottom of the page. Name on Card (print)_________________________________Exp Date_______________ _______3-Digit Security Code(on back of card)______You can also browse the online version of this guide at ashland.or.us/PlayGuide. Ifb. Additional ActivitiesAfter you have logged on, you may continue you have questions regarding online registration, please call APRC at 541.488.5340.searching and adding activities to your s hoPPingC Art . Signature _________________________________________________________________________________ Date _______________________5.Update Shopping CartIf more than one family member will be attending the activity, you need to enter each one separately so wePlease Note: PRIOR TO ENROLLMENT IN ANY APRC ACTIVITY, YOU 1.Setting Up An AccountIf you DO NOT have a customer account,have each family member enrolled in the class. MUST SIGN A CURRENT YEAR LIABILITY WAIVER. ONLY ONE LIABILITY please read these instructions. Register from the C ustomerL oginscreen.6.Choose EnrolleesOn this page, choose the family member(s) whoWAIVER PER CALENDAR YEAR IS NEEDED.Click on r equestA CCountNow to register. Fill out the n ewA CCount will be registering for each activity, then select C ontinue . Please Note: IfLiability Waiver(required)r equestcompletely, including birth date. Please submit your requestyou have not added your family members before reaching the e nroLLee Name of Participant__________________________________________________only once, and use your own information when filling out the form,i nFormAtionpage, they will not appear under the e nroLLeeheading. You not a child you wish to register. Once you have an account, you willcan click on m yA CCountfrom here to add family member(s). Once allI hereby certify that I am 18 years of age or older. If I am the parent or legal have the opportunity to add family members. Please Note: An accuratefamily members have been added, select s hoPPingC Art . From thereguardian of a participant who is under 18 years of age, I agree that the following email address is required to complete the registration process. You willyou may continue to C heCkout . provisions shall apply to that participation and agree to be fully bound by them. receive an account confirmation email with your login name. I understand that participation in the Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission 7.CheckoutReview your s hoPPingC Art . From this screen you can(APRC) recreational activity involves risk of injury or death. Participant is not 2.Add Family MembersIf you wish to enroll family members other thanremove activities from your cart, view more activities, or update youraffected by any physical condition or disability that would make participation yourself: cart. If everything is correct, click on the C heCkoutbutton to proceed. unsafe. I understand that APRC will not provide medical treatment, and I a. Click on m yA CCount . authorize APRC to arrange for any necessary transportation in the event of an b. Then click on C hAngeF AmiLym embers(under the P ersonALi nFormAtion 8.Confirm PricesOn the C onFirmP riCespage, look over your transac- accident or emergency. (541) 535-3813category.)tion to confirm the price(s), time(s), and date(s) of each activity/class.For myself, my heirs, assigns or anyone who might claim on my behalf, c. Fill in the information completely for each member of your family.Click C ontinueto proceed. IvoluntarilyassumeallrisksofparticipatinginthisactivityandIwaive, We deliver - Phoenix/TalentPlease Note: Many of our activities have age and grade restrictions;9.PaymentEnter your credit card information on the P Aymenti nFormA - release and forever discharge any claim against APRC, its officers, agents andwww.Grotto-pizzeria.comemployees against any claim, loss, liability or expense, including attorneys therefore, birth dates and grade completed in school are required. tionpage. Please Note: The name and address must match those onfees, that may directly or indirectly result from participation in this activity,10%o\x1f with this ad3. Search For An Activity file with your credit card company. If the address shown is not youreven though that liability may arise out of the negligence or carelessness ofFor any pizza on our menua. You may search for activities by C ategory , L oCation , C LAss , or C LAss billing address, click on m yA CCountand change your address tothe persons or parties named in this waiver and release. PIZZA n umber . match your billing address. Click C ontinue . OrdersSignature (required) ___________________________________2 gob. Click on the activity name to see more details about it. 10. ReceiptPrint out a copy of your receipt. of Participant or Parent/Guardian if under 18 years of ageDate ____________________________________________________44 APRC Fall 2019 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland'