b'senior programs(50 and up) 9809 Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicated1EstionmmisscoSee p 27 to learn more about the Senior Services Division or call 541.488.5342Gentle Hatha Yoga for AdultsLine Dancing for Adults 60 & Better 60 & Better Line Dancing is a great way to keep your brain on its toes! Yoga can be practiced by anyone! Classes include slow andIt enhances balance, provides fitness and strength and gentle yoga postures, breath work and deep relaxation.improves mental acuity through complex movement. No Participants will be asked to get up or down from the floorpartner is required. The class is ongoing, so you may join at most twice during each session. Wear comfortableat any time. Pre-registration is not required.loose attire and bring your yoga mat. Pre-registration is notWHO: Seniors wanting to get active through dancerequired.WHO: Seniors wanting to stretch and strengthen whileWHAT: A choreographed dance in which participants line up in rows and follow a repeated sequence of steps to musiceasing stressINSTRUCTOR: Marsha NewtonWHAT: Gentle yoga for older adultsINSTRUCTOR: Susan Jaques AGES60 & upDATEOngoingAGES60 & up PLACEAshland Senior Center | 1699 Homes AveDATEOngoing COSTFREE DAY|TIMEMonday & Friday 9-10 am BEGINNERPLACEAshland Senior Center | 1699 Homes Ave DAYTuesdayCOST$20 (4 lessons) | $6/class for drop-in TIME1-2:30 pmTai Chi for Adults 50 & BetterINTERMEDIATETai Chi is a moving meditation that strengthens bonesDAYMondayand muscles, improves balance and increases flexibility.TIME1-2:30 pmQi Gong, the movement of energy through the body, isADVANCEDalso incorporated. The class is ongoing and instruction isDAYThursdaycontinuous, so you may join us at any time. Your first classTIME10:45 am-12:15 pmis as our guest. Pre-registration is not required.WHO: Seniors 50 & Bettter Cribbage Club for Adults 50 & Better WHAT: Learn or continue practicing Tai Chi If you love playing Cribbage or want to learn, join our INSTRUCTOR: Char Hersh welcoming environment, where there is lots of laughter, plenty of counting and tons of fun! All levels of play are AGES 50 & up welcome. Pre-registration is not required.DATE OngoingCOST $4-5 donation/class WHO: Experienced players and beginners welcomeWHAT: A card game that uses a board for counting pointsBEGINNINGDAY Monday AGES50 & upTIME 9-10:30 am DATEOngoingPLACE The Grove | Gym 1195 E Main St DAYTuesdayINTERMEDIATE TIME1-3:30 pmDAY Monday PLACEAshland Senior Center | 1699 Homes AveTIME 10:45 am-noon COSTFREEPLACE The Grove | Gym 1195 E Main StRegister Today!28 APRC Fall 2019 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland'