APRC Fall 2017 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 25 Did You Know We Have a Monthly Column Called ‘Park Views?’ “Reaching out to and communicating with the citizens of Ashland is an important part of the mission of the Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission. We are launching this column to help share information regarding current park projects, recreational programming, parks and open-space features and community issues that pertain to all citizens of Ashland and are of importance to the Ashland Parks & Recreation Commission. During 2017, commissioners and APRC staff will take turns communicating with the community via this monthly column regarding park and community issues and APRC projects that we feel are worthy of discussion.” — APRC Chair Commissioner, Mike Gardiner This column is featured on the 4th Thursday of each month in the Ashland Daily Tidings and will continue through Dec, 2017. View all Park Views columns at ashland.or.us/ParkViews. 1% from Ashland Outdoor Store! The Ashland Outdoor Store will donate 1% of sales to Coyote Trails School of Nature from every purchase made by fans of Coyote Trails in their store (Oregon) or online. Next time you are in the Ashland Outdoor Store, please let them know you would like to help further the Coyote Trails educational programs and support Coyote Trails in nurturing the next generation of wise earth stewards. See details about this fall's Coyote Pups Preschool (register now!) and upcoming classes for adults at CoyoteTrails.org. Do You have Your 2017 Ashland Map Guide? The Ashland Map Guide, produced by the Ashland Visitor and Convention Bureau, is your source for Ashland watershed trails, mountain lakes, Ashland streets and Lithia Park! The mission of the educational mapistocreateawareness,expandpublicunderstanding and foster stewardship of Ashland’s outdoors and resources. With the map you will learn of the value and history of Ashland’s watershed, from fire to water to a community settled because of its alluring source. While showcasing the work done by the Ashland Forest Resiliency (AFR) project - past, present and future – the AFR initiative provides crucial forest management for fire protection and better access to AFR project areas to ensure the Ashland Watershed is healthy and continues to provide Ashland’s unsurpassed livability for decades to come. For more info visit AshlandChamber.com/MapGuide park views