b'14 love your water week809st 1 EonmissicomWaste Water Treatment Plant Tour Rainwater Catchment Join us for a tour of the City of Ashlands WastewaterSystem DesignTreatment Plant.Learn about the treatment process andParticipants will learn about rainwater catchment system what is needed before water is discharged back into thecomponents, beneficial uses, appropriate collection creek. Gain insight into what happens to the water you sendsurfaces, pre-storage filtration and tank storage options. down the drain and where water goes when it runs off of theBring a calculator and map of your site to help personalize land and into storm drains. Bring a pen and paper for notesthe experience. Our discussion will also include cost-as well as a water bottle. Most of the tour will be held outsideeffective ways to reduce run-off, pros and cons of different so please dress accordingly. Register at ashland.or.us/registerdesigns and project examples.Register at ashland.or.us/or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606. register or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.WHO: Adults and kids 12 and up WHO: Adults interested in using rainwater for irrigationWHAT: Learn how Ashland manages water and keeps theWHAT: A practical step-by-step class to learn how to design watershed safe your own water catchment systemINSTRUCTOR: Greg Whittenburg is the Waste WaterINSTRUCTOR: Jim Reiland of Many Hands Builders is a Treatment Plant Operator for the City of Ashland. licensed contractor specializing in rainwater catchment AGES12 & up (with adult) systems and straw bale building.DAYThursdayDATEOct 24TIME1-2:30 pmPLACEMeet at the NMP Nature Center to carpool to the Wastewater Treatment Plant COSTFREEStormwater ManagementLearn the basics of stormwater management including stormwater features, common concerns and resources to get you started in creating your own stormwater solutions. Bring your questions and ideas. A pen and paper for note-taking is recommended. Attendees will also receive hard-copy resources. Register at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541.488.6606.WHO: Homeowners and landowners who want to protect our watershedWHAT: Learn about stormwater and how you can manage drainage issues on your property to limit stream pollutionINSTRUCTOR: Kora Mousseaux is the Community Water Resource Conservationist for Jackson Soil and Water Conservation District.AGES18 & upDAYThursdayDATEOct 24TIME6:30-7:30 pmPLACENMP Nature Center AGES18 & upCOSTFREE DAYSaturdayDATEOct 26TIME10 am-NoonRegister Today! PLACENMP Nature CenterCOSTFREEAshlandParksandRec.org | Instagram or Facebook @AshlandParksandRec | ParksInfo@ashland.or.us 41'