ice rink in lithia park 95 Winburn Way | 2017/2018 Season | | 541.488.9189 SKATE PROGRAMS... Rec Skate—All Ages Skaters of all ages and abilities can skate during this ses- sion. Families are encouraged to skate together. Check our website for group rates. Cheap Skates—All Ages OnMonandTueevenings,entertainthewholefamilyfora minimal amount of money. All skate rentals are only $.50 a pair! Regular admission charges still apply. Frozen Tots—Ages 13 & Under This is a special time for parents and their young ones to enjoy a slow and safe experience at one of the most magi- cal places in Ashland. Parents are welcome to assist their young skaters for no extra charge but must stay with their children during skating time. *Recreational Skating (Skate rentals NOT included) *No HOCKEY skating permitted during these times Youth Ice Hockey—Ages 17 & Under (Drop-in) Players will work with certified instructors to improve hockeyskatingskills,stickandpuckhandling,understand- ing the rules of the game, and teamwork for ice hockey. All skill levels are welcome and players are asked to join their own age group session. Limited supplies of safety equipment and hockey sticks are available to players during these sessions only. Ice Cubs Ages 4-6 Sundays 12:45-1:45 p.m. Ice Bears Ages 7-12 Tuesdays 4-5 p.m. Ice Grizzlies Ages 13-17 Tuesdays 5:30-6:30 p.m. Look for the Winter Team sessions coming in January! Stick & Puck—Family (Child 17 & Under/Parent) Adult (18 & Up) Helmetsandsticksarerequiredforthissession.Additional protective gear is suggested and available for younger players. We will provide nets and pucks for all ages to get on the ice. Instructors are NOT available and organized games are not permitted during this time. Adult Hockey—Ages 18 & Up This session is for organized games among all properly equipped participants. Nets and pucks are provided for competitive play for capable hockey players. Please be mindful of others’ safety and respect the ability for all users to enjoy this time. Games will be played on Wed, under 18 need permission from parent/guardian. *Hockey Skating (Skate rentals included) *No REC skating permitted during these times Figure Skating Classes—All Ages Classes will take place beginning in early 2018... Please watch for our Winter/Spring PlayGuide out in December. This program will be a great progression from our basic-intro skating classes, into our figure skating classes. See p. 10 for details... Help your youngster gain the skills needed to succeed in figure skating! . Skating Education Programs (Skate rentals included) Group Rentals (Skate rentals included) School/Youth Groups School or education/youth-based groups will have an opportunity to reserve ice rink time for students in blocks of 90 minutes. The cost is $50 for groups of up to 30 students and $100 for up to 70 students. Please call 541.488.5340 to make a reservation. Drop-ins are not accepted. Cost includes admission and skate rentals for school staff and chaperones. Ice time is reserved for students, staff and chaperones. No other visitors will be allowed on the ice. General Groups Check out our website for group rates (8 to 20 people) during Rec Skate times. APRC Fall 2017 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 11