HomeGrownFoodAroundTheYear- TheArtOfSuccessfulGardeningIn TheSiskiyouClimate Withsomeplanningandstrategictechniques,itispossibleto eatfromyourgardeneverymonthoftheyearintheKlamath- Siskiyou bioregion. This class will cover timing, strategies, making a planting calendar, extending the growing season and plant varieties that do well in our climate. Please register online at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO: Those with a basic understanding of gardening who would like to learn new skills. WHAT: Learn new techniques in order to plan and prepare for a year-round garden. INSTRUCTOR: Kimberly Brown has been fine-tuning the art of gardening in our area for 26 years. She is the owner of “Here We Grow” Garden Coaching and Consultation. AGES 12 & up DAY Tuesday DATE Feb 13 TIME 5:30-7pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $25 TheJoyofGrowingBerries Learn the tips and tricks for growing a thriving berry patch. This class will cover blueberries, raspberries and the “triple crown” thornless blackberry. Students will learn about pruning, fertilizing, watering, soil amendments and the best types of berries to choose, as well as the common pitfalls of berry gardening. Some triple crown starts will be available to purchase. Please register online at ashland.or.us/register or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO:Thisclasswillcoverboththebasicsforbeginnersand the issues that even experienced growers may encounter. WHAT: Understand the steps for successful berry growing while planning for the challenges you may face in producing a rich harvest. INSTRUCTOR: Joel Heller has been teaching Master Gardeners and aspiring fruit growers for several years. He has worked with berry varieties and other fruit for several decades. AGES 15 & up DAY Thursday DATE Feb 22 TIME 6:45-8:15pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $20 LearningCommonBackyardBirds Using photos, stories, bird songs and fun facts, we will learn about the birds that live all around us in the Rogue Valley, some right in our own backyards! Some key birds we’ll study: Robin, Acorn Woodpecker, Red-tailed Hawk, Scrub Jay, Screech Owl, Mallard, Great Blue Heron, Chickadee, Flicker, Crow, Bald Eagle and a few special guest birds. Pleaseregisteronlineatashland.or.us/registerorcalltheNature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO: Beginners and intermediates who want to learn to ID local birds. WHAT: Learn to visually and audibly recognize common birds in your neighborhood and beyond. INSTRUCTOR: Shannon Rio is a wildlife educator and serves on the Board of the Klamath Bird Observatory. AGES 7 & up DAY Wednesday DATE Feb 21 TIME 6:30-8pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $15 Register Today! Pre-registration at ashland.or.us/register required for all programs unless otherwise indicated adult programs (18 and up) commis s i o n E s t 1 9 0 8 APRC Winter/Spring 2018 PlayGuide | 541.488.5340 | The Grove at 1195 E Main St, Ashland 28