LawnGone!BeyondTheLawn The rainy season is the ideal time for lawn removal projects. Learn about site-assessment, design, planning, removal techniques, materials and cost estimates. This class will also touch on ideas for drought-tolerant planting and pollinator gardens. No experience necessary. Pleaseregister online at or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO: Anyone who wants to transform their yards into something more ecological. WHAT: The goal of this class is to help students feel confidenttogetoutthereandremovetheirlawnthemselves. INSTRUCTOR: Kimberly Brown is the owner of Lawn Gone- Yard Transformations and a Landscape Consultant and Garden Coach. AGES 15 & up DAY Tuesday DATE Jan 30 TIME 5:30-7pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $25 BuildABeeHouse Students will learn all about native bees - their importance for pollination, their life cycles and how humans can help them at each stage. Following a short presentation, students will make their own bee house to take home. Some tools will be available, but if possible, please bring a battery-powered drill and safety glasses. Participants should be comfortable using a drill and a hammer. Please register online at or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO: Novices and bee enthusiasts. WHAT: Learn to recognize several local bees, understand their needs and help them thrive. INSTRUCTOR: Nancy Appling and Kristina Lefever are members of Bee City USA Ashland, a subcommittee of Ashland Parks and Recreation. AGES 15 & up DAY Saturday DATE Feb 10 TIME 2-3:30pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $20 Botany101 Have you always wanted to know your local wildflowers but did not know where to start? Learn the basics needed to identify wild plants, including flower anatomy, the floral patterns of major plant families and how to use a botanical key.PleasebringanylocalplantIDguidesyouhave,lunchand a magnifying glass or loupe if you have one. This class will be indoors,butiftheweatherisgood,wewilltakeawalkoutside or call the Nature Center at 541-488-6606. WHO: Anyone interested in learning to identify the plants around them. WHAT: Learn flower anatomy including patterns in flower families and gain a greater appreciation of local flora. INSTRUCTOR: Jolie Elan is an ethnobotanist, ecologist and the Director of Go Wild Institute, which has helped thousands of people deepen their connection to nature. AGES 13 & up DAY Sunday DATE Feb 11 TIME 10am-2pm PLACE NMP Nature Center COST $30 Register Today! Pre-registration at required for all programs unless otherwise indicated adult programs (18 and up) commis s i o n E s t 1 9 0 8 | | 27