| | 23 Lithia Park Reservations & Facility Rental Information Park facilities can be rented for private special events such as weddings, receptions, meetings, picnics and family gatherings. It’s Easy to Reserve in Lithia Park! You can make a formal reservation with a debit/credit card by call- ing 541.488.5340. There is a refundable security deposit for all reservations. For other events, including picnics, birthday parties and family reunions, fees range from $55–$75 per four-hour time block depending on location. Indoor Reservable Facilities The Community Center and Pioneer Hall are indoor facilities avail- abletorentforeventssuchasweddings,receptions,birthdayparties, meetingsandconferences.Fees,depositsandinsurancearerequired. Reservations and Use Permits Reservations and Use Permits are required for all outdoor special events, including but not limited to walkathons, concerts, festivals and weddings. Parks Commission approval is required for some special event requests. Designated Outdoor Reservable Sites We offer several reservable sites, including rustic natural areas with picnic tables and barbecues for groups of up to 250 people as well as small and large green lawns for more intimate or formal gatherings. Formal facility reservations are available from May through September only. Call Us for More Information IfyouareinterestedinreservingadesignatedsiteinLithiaPark,theCommunityCenterorPioneerHall,pleasecontacttheRecDivision office for reservations or rental information at 541.488.5340. Most events require liability insurance. —Please visit for more information. lithia park info